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  • November 2018 - Owner Recommendation
    How can I make a recommendation?

  • April 2019 - Flags Over Irving
    The Rotary Club and the Boy Scouts install American flags for five patriotic holidays. You can sign up for this service for your own property using this form.

    The American flags that are installed in the HOA’s common areas are donated by residents like you, using the bottom of the form. Last year 26 common area flags were donated.In some years we’ve had as many as 41. 

    Please consider donating a flag or two to help make our neighborhood entranceways look good! 


    Your HOA Board
  • November 2019 - CC&R's
    The most recent CC&R's can be viewed here
  • November 2019 - Park Use and Leasing Rule

    Facilities Park Use Agreement

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    Recorded Leasing Rule

    Click HERE  
  • November 2019 - Decals

    Read more information HERE  

    Vehicle Registration Form HERE  
  • February 2020 - Yard Maintenance in Your Community
    With the rising temperatures and longer daylight hours, we see signs that spring is here. As yards green up it's time to gear up for warm weather lawn maintenance. Few upkeep activities keep your community looking better than the collective effort of homeowners to meet lawn standards.

    Your CMA Management Team regularly conducts onsite property inspections, and sometimes must generate letters to homeowners. Initial notices are sent as a courtesy and could require you to correct a covenant violation. Please remember the following basics for good yard maintenance:

    • Timely maintenance addresses violations before they happen.
    • Mow your lawn weekly.
    • Keep turf at a reasonable height.
    • Put the final touches on the job by using an edger around driveways, sidewalks, planter borders, trees or any other place the grass meets another surface a nd refresh mulch as needed.
    • Don't forget to check for weeds in the expansion joints of your driveway.
    • Fertilize and reseed your lawn from time to time as necessary.
    • Remove weeds from lawns, landscape beds and cut back any overgrown plant material on a regular basis. Remove and replace dead plantings from landscape bed areas.
    • If you need to discuss a notice or request an extension or grace period, you can quickly notify CMA by accessing your account online.

    Let's all work together to keep the community looking its best in 2020! This will help protect YOUR property values.

    Your CMA Management Team
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